How to Call Germany from the United States


Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Handler and did you know that calling an international number from the United States actually consists of four separate numbers? That’s right, especially if you’re calling Germany. Here’s how.

  • First of all, calling Germany you’re going to have to dial 011, that tells your local carrier that you are dialing an international number.
  • There’s then a city code, in this case for — or rather a country code, in this case Germany is 49.
  • You’ll then have to enter a city code. That depends on what city you’re dialing of course, and then of course the number beyond that.

So keep in mind when dialing Germany 01149 is the country code. There will then be a two to three, sometimes a four digit city code and then of course your number and that’s how you dial a German phone number.

My name is Kevin Handler and thank you very much for joining us today.


How to Call the United States From Germany

See the fascinating city of the still divided Berlin or see the remnants of war in Lubeck and in the end, you shouldn’t forget about drinking a beer in one of Munich’s beer halls. But in the meantime, don’t forget to share your experiences with your friends while in Germany.

First of all, let’s determine what time it is in the United States. Germany is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, which means that it is six hours later in Germany than it is on the East Coast of the United States and it’s nine hours later than it is on the West Coast of the United States.

  • Dial 00, the international access code for Germany, that’s the first.
  • Dial the country code for the United States which is 1, that’s the second.
  • Dial the area code of the city you wish to call, that’s the third step. Then dial the remaining seven personal digits of your phone.

Viber Review: How To Make Free International Calls From Your Cellphone


We’re coming at you with another hot review. In this post I want to show you a nice new app that I came across or that was brought to my attention. It’s called Viber. V-I-B-E-R.

And if you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically an app that lets you make free phone calls to anybody who has Viber on their phone as well and this is available for iPhone and Android. So everybody out there, it’s free, it’s for everybody. What you can do, you sign in with your phone number, and from that point they give you instructions – it syncs up with your contacts list and then it automatically detects friends that you have already have who are using it.

I’ve actually used it before a few times here this past week. It does have great sound quality, HD sound quality. You’ve got to be on Wi-Fi for the most part for it to work really well or 4g or whatever. There are groups with up to a hundred participants, that’s crazy. And you can do things like – send stickers, little smiley faces, whatever. Let me show you what it looks like real quick.

So, this is the app if you’re looking for it. It’s also on Android as well, so I went to Google Play to do my research and it’s on Google Play as well. Viber, there it is. So everybody, it’s out there for everybody.

All right, so you go in, once you sync up, you get your picture in. There’s a sticker market. If you don’t know what stickers are, it’s basically like these little smiley faces, little cute things you can send to people. So, anyway, down here at the bottom here’s your phone, contact list. So you go to your contacts, it shows who you have on here, recent phone calls, keypad if you want to dial out as well and messages. You can do text messages as well. One other neat feature on here is, if you’re using Viber and making an international call, you still can – it also has a function where you can go to Viber Out or you can go to the cellular network and talk on the network if the Viber is acting up. It’ll call just like a regular phone — regular dialing through the phone just like you would through your regular contacts and it’s just using your regular minutes or unlimited minutes to talk.

Anyway guys, this is Viber. It’s a great app if you have friends overseas, it you have maybe a standalone device and you don’t want to get a SIM card for it and you just want to talk though and you have Wi-Fi. So it’s very, very good to stay in contact with people. So check out this Viber app, I’m sure you’ll like it. Let’s see what’s in the sticker market real quick before I go. So see, like I said, they got little cute stuff. I don’t really play with all this stuff but it is what it is. You have to download it I think. So, these are some of the cute stuff you can send to people. It’s whatever.

Anyway guys, thanks for reading. Thanks for new subscribers, I see you. Everybody with their comments, I’m getting to you. I’m trying to figure out this new Google system so stick with me guys. Anyway, thanks for reading, hit that thumbs up button if you didn’t. This is a nice app. Let me know what you’re going to do with it or if you’re going to try it out, let me know how it works for you. It was a little choppy at times for me, but for the most part it’s free, it does what it does.

So, anyway, that’s it for now guys. Have a good day, a great week, and I’ll be back with another review real soon. I’ll try to give you all a couple of reviews a week, if not more, so hit that like button for more reviews and I’ll see you shortly. Peace.


How Are 1-800 Toll Free Numbers Useful To You?

international-511706_6401 800 toll free numbers help businesses get in touch with their customers every day, but toll free numbers may offer international calling options for your customers abroad. Households may purchase 1 800 toll free numbers to cut down on long distance calling, but you must understand how to get a 1800 phone number from your local carrier first. Business and personal 800 numbers help people around the world make calls, but you must weigh your options before making a purchase.

#1: Personal 800 Numbers At Home

A personal 800 number will help people call your home from long distances, and no one who wants to place a call to your house will pay a long distance fee. This is a helpful feature when you have family members who live far away, and you may select this option when you have a child who has gone away to college.

The personal 800 number you choose will be specific to your home, but you are not required to get the number from your local provider. There are several providers who can create an 800 number for your home, and you will pay a lower fee for the number when you shop around. Every provider has different calling packages, and you must select the provider you are happiest with.

#2: Business 800 Numbers

Business 800 numbers help customers call you when they are very far from your headquarters. Many of your customers have no idea where your corporate office is, but the 800 number will put you in touch with your customers instantly. One number will send customers to your office, and another number will go to your customer service department.

A large business may have a string of 800 numbers that are used for different departments. Customers who must call several different departments in a single day will never incur long distance charges, and you will feel confident that anyone who needs you can get in touch with you. A business without an 800 number in today’s global economy is likely losing frustrated customers by the day.

#3: Can You Call 800 Numbers Internationally?

800 numbers you use for your business or home have call forwarding options that you must select when you purchase the number. A wise business owner will set up the international forwarding option for a small fee, and anyone around the world will be able to get in touch with you.

Family members who are overseas can reach you when they are nowhere near home, and you will cut down on international calling expenses. You need to know how to get a 1800 number, and you must ask about the international forwarding plan. You will pay a bit more for the international plan, but you will never be out of reach to someone who truly needs to call you. Credit card companies use this option all the time, but every business should consider international forwarding.

#4: How Often Do You Use Your 800 Number?

You may know how to get a 1800 phone number, but you may not know how much you will use it. You should not spend the money on a number that you will rarely use. Setting up an 800 number at home should allow many people to call you on a daily basis. You are opening up communication with people all over the country, and you should feel comfortable knowing anyone can reach you easily. A number that will not be used much is not a good use of your time or money.

Businesses who use one 800 number will discover that customers have a need to call in daily. The line will be clogged with calls, and a second 800 number must be established. Consider how much the number will be used before you purchase the line, and think over how many lines will satisfy the needs of your company.

You may set a 1800 number at any time, and you can reach anyone in the world on the line. Can you call 800 numbers internationally, and will you use the line often are worth questions to ask. Your business will flourish, and your home will become a center of communication for your family.


Phone Call Forwarding Features That Can Boost Your Business


Phone call forwarding is about more than just rerouting calls. Today, this service can accomplish many of the tasks that bog businesses down in their day-to-day operations. They also offer features that can help you take your business to the next level. Here are a few great things you can do with phone call forwarding.

Be There For Your Customers

Probably the single biggest benefit to using phone call forwarding is that it makes you available all the time for your customers. They no longer get busy signals or messages saying that you’re out of the office. The calls come straight to your cell or whatever other lines you designate, and that means that you can be reached anywhere anytime. This goes a long way in boosting your company’s customer service and it puts you ahead of the competition.

Integrate Everything

The days of old phone systems connected by a maze of wires are long over. These days, we use VoIP protocols like Skype and carry around pocket-sized computers for our phone calls. With international call forwarding services you can get standard features that years ago were science fiction. You can integrate your phone system with your VoIP protocol, set up email notifications when you get calls, and put your fax and phone into one easy number. This makes it easier for you to stay in touch where and when you need to.

Automate And Save Time

You don’t need a switchboard operator to handle multiple calls and multiple lines anymore. Automated systems that are now standard with call forwarding services can answer your phone, route calls where they need to go and take messages. They can automatically block calls and handle multiple mailboxes at once. Some companies even offer services that can automate your schedule of availability; you enter your schedule into the system once, and it remembers for you so you don’t have to turn it on and off.

More Marketing For Your Business

One of the most exciting features of phone call forwarding is that it allows you to track calls. Companies have always wanted to find out exactly which ads are generating what business, and now you can do that without asking your customers. The phone call forwarding system keeps track of it all for you. It can also measure call time and compile all of your statistics into a report for you.

Phone call forwarding is making it easier than ever before to run your business. Why waste time and money handling it all yourself? If it sounds good to you, get online and shop around for phone forwarding services. Check out their features and see what solutions they have to offer you.


The International Python Conference

The 10th International Python Conference (Python 10) was held on February 4-7, 2002 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Over 225 people…from industry, government, and academia…attended the event.

The main conference consisted of two days of refereed paper and application tracks—including a Zope Track, a Python Tools Track, a Web Services and Protocols Track, and a vendor exhibition. The main conference also featured keynote presentations by Andrew Koenig from the AT&T Shannon Laboratory, and Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the W3C.

The conference was preceded by day of tutorials for Python users at all levels, and was followed by a Developers’ Day where Python language and application developers met to discuss future enhancements to the language.